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About Identity Theft

Protecting yourself and your family starts with understanding the new threats you face in today's digital age.

What is Identity Theft? Identity theft happens when a thief, or even someone close to you, obtains and uses your personal information (such as your Social Security number, date of birth, address, driver’s license, credit card numbers, etc.) to commit fraud or crime in your name.

Between the exploding numbers of business data breaches, home computer hacking, phishing and vishing scams, card skimming and a host of other threats, thieves have numerous ways to get their hands on your personal information and take advantage of you. You or any of your family members including children may already have your personal information compromised – and you probably wouldn't know it.

iDefend gives you real peace of mind with the industry's only identity theft protection program covering the 7 essentials of protection – including cyber-crime protection and membership in the Cyberhood Watch program.

Take a few minutes to learn:

If you own a business – even a part-time home-based business, you should also know about the business identity theft threat – and what it means to you as a business owner.

Reality Check: It's not "IF"... but "WHEN"

It's not if... but WHEN you or someone in your family will have their personal information stolen by an identity thief or exposed in a data breach at a business, school or government organization.

Look at these shocking numbers:

  • 12.6 million people had their identities stolen in 2012. (1)
  • Americans lost almost $10 billion due to identity fraud in 2012. (1)
  • 174 million records were compromised by computer hackers in 2011. (2)
  • 36 million people were notified of a data breach in 2011 involving their personal information. (1)
  • Children are 52 times more likely to have their identity stolen than adults. (3)
  • 10.2% of children's Social Security numbers are already being used by someone else. (3)
  • Over 600 million customer or employee records have been lost or stolen from businesses, schools, and government organizations since 2005. (4)

1 – Javelin Strategy & Research 2012
2 – Verizon 2011 Data Breach Report
3 – Carnegie Mellon / Cylab Report 2010
4 – Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

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