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iDefendĀ® Business delivers comprehensive, proactive identity theft protection to businesses. Unlike personal identity theft protection and credit monitoring programs that exclude business coverage, iDefend Business was developed specifically to provide much needed protection for businesses and their owners against the potentially crippling damages from business identity fraud.

iDefend Business includes:

  • Business Identity Profile
  • Business Identity Fraud Monitoring
  • Business Identity Recovery Services
  • Fraud Prevention Resource Center
  • Owner Personal Protection

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Types of Business Identity Fraud

Business identity theft is a fast growing crime and thieves are continually searching for new ways to take advantage of unsuspecting businesses. Here are a few of the most common ways identity thieves can hijack your business' identity:

  • Fraudulent state business registrations
  • Fraudulent change of owner/officers
  • Bank/wire transfer fraud
  • New loans/lines of credit fraud
  • Existing account takeover
  • Fraudulent sale of business assets
  • Fraudulent business credit records
  • Tax fraud
  • Fraudulent customer orders
  • Contract fraud

What are the personal risks and liabilities for business owners?

Did you know businesses are excluded from other identity theft protection plans?

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What is Business
Identity Theft?

Business identity theft is essentially the crime of hijacking a business' identity and then using that identity information to establish lines of credit with banks or retailers, purchase products and services and get other benefits in the business' name, and leaving the real business responsible for the bill.

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