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Cyber-Crime Protection

Hackers, viruses, spyware and other digital age security threats put your privacy, your money, your identity at risk. Cyber-criminals will hi-jack your computers and mobile devices to get access to your bank and credit card accounts, steal passwords and capture other personal information about you. Cybersecurity is an important part of protecting your identity, your privacy and your money.

With iDefend® you get important additional protection against cybercrime, including hands on support from our legendary team of certified INVISUS® security technicians. See what our customers are saying about their cyber-crime protection!

Computer Security Checkups (Secure PC Makeover)

With hackers and identity thieves breaking into computers to steal personal and financial information, iDefend takes the extra step to provide you with full computer security checkups to make sure your system is free of viruses and spyware and has not been compromised by hackers. The checkups are done personally by our INVISUS® certified technicians by phone and remote Internet connection to your computer.

Your Secure PC Makeover checkups include:
  • Full system virus/malware scan and cleanup
  • Anti-virus software checkup
  • Operating system, browser security checkup
  • Security consultation, recommendations
  • Windows/Mac computers

This valuable benefit is included with iDefend at no additional cost. (Reg. $99 ea.)

iDefend Individual Plans: include 2 checkups per year for 1 personal computer
iDefend Family Plans: include 2 checkups per year for up to 3 personal computers

Mobile Device Protection

Smart phones and tablets have become a target of hackers, identity thieves and predators. iDefend includes the latest guidelines and expert help with locking down your Apple or Android devices to help safeguard your identity and your privacy.

Social Media Protection

Online predators and criminals often track their victim’s social media accounts to gather as much information about them as possible. iDefend includes the additional protection of monitoring your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts for slander, harassment, bullying, cyber-stalking, personal information exposure and other privacy or personal safety risks. Child/teen social media monitoring is included with the iDefend family plans.

Other Cybersecurity Resources

iDefend includes many other expert tips and resources for protecting yourself and your family against today’s digital age risks including content and parental control filtering, gaming system security and more.

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