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Cyberhood Watch Membership

iDefend® gives you the added bonus of membership for you and your family to the Cyberhood Watch program. The Cyberhood Watch is like a neighborhood watch program, but for the digital age.

Your membership in the Cyberhood Watch program gives you critical alerts, tools, and resources to learn about staying safe, protecting your privacy, and protecting your money in the digital age.


In addition to real-time security and fraud alerts and tips sent directly to your computer, you also have 24/7 online access to the latest information and expert guidance in critical areas such as computer and Internet safety, social networking, cyber-bullying, privacy and security with cell phones and mobile devices, online banking and more. Timely and important information for parents, teens, and kids, as well as businesses and professionals.

  • Cyberhood Watch program software
  • Real-time Alerts and Tips for fraud, scams and security threats delivered right to your computer
  • 24/7 online access to the Cyberhood Watch Resource Center

Digital Age Threats – Are You Aware?

The digital age has opened a pipeline of new threats and dangers to individuals, families, and businesses. Our privacy, safety and financial security are constantly under attack from a growing number of Internet predators, identity thieves, and cyber-criminals looking to take advantage of those who are unaware and unprepared.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teen, child or business professional – it’s vital that you stay current with the latest threats that can wreak havoc in your life and with those you care most about.

Hot Topics You Should Know About

The Cyberhood Watch gives you access to the latest information about critical topics everyone needs to know about today. Here’s a small sample of the issues and threats you should be aware of so you can safeguard yourself and your family:

  • Cyber-crime; hacking
  • Viruses & spyware
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Online banking theft
  • Financial scams
  • Phishing; Pharming
  • Cell phone sexting
  • Social Networking; Facebook, Twitter
  • Online dating scams
  • Craig's list, classified ad robberies
  • IRS tax return fraud schemes
  • Business identity theft
  • More...

Being educated and staying current with these constantly evolving threats is an important part of protecting against identity theft and fraud in today's digital age.

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