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Lost Wallet Protection

With lost or stolen wallets a source of identity theft and fraud, you've now got protection and peace of mind with iDefend. If your wallet gets lost or stolen, our support team will help you replace documents with expert guidance, steps and the forms you'll need.

Lost Wallet Assistance

iDefend includes personal assistance with stolen or lost wallets to help you act quickly to cancel and replace the contents of your wallet as well as begin the process of working with your credit card and financial institutions to alert them to your situation and begin to get resolution.*

*Cash, other monies and pictures are excluded. While you will have the assistance you need to replace your credit cards, driver's license and other identity documents, you are responsible for any applicable fees or other costs charged by your banks, credit card companies, or other document issuing company, organization or agency.

Online Wallet Vault

Record your important account numbers and personal documents you carry in your wallet in your own secure encrypted online wallet vault – before your wallet is ever lost or stolen. If you ever lose your wallet, having this information online at your fingertips will eliminate headaches and save you time in replacing your lost cards, license, ID’s and more. (A printable wallet inventory worksheet is available for those who prefer keeping these records on paper.)

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